My approach


     I fall into the category of artistic photo-explorers : I am fascinated by the very concept of time passing (or more aptly us passing through time) as well as of the visible marks of this passage, mainly on human constructions that were alive before, that is, in use, inhabited and were erected for that purpose. That they were throbbing with a life that is no more now is made even more concrete to me by their current state of abandonment. This life from another time of which only some marks remain and bind me to it. A journey to the past where all I see has been seen and all I touch has been touched before by human beings today erased from the world of the living. A walkway from the past to the present on which I stand.


     I mean to testify to the past life of these structures as well as to their death, this absence of life now so tangible, so present once inside. The emptiness of a place that was inhabited, the silence of a formerly noisy site fascinate and impress me - in the very first meaning of the word - much more than if not a thing had changed. To explore these places now turned into monuments binds me to their memory, to their history and to the histories of those who once filled them with life; feeling their absence through a deafening silence, a cracked window pane, bramble creeping under

a warped door, mold eating its way down a damp wall or a broken toy left on the floor, leaves an emotional and even sometimes physical impression on me. And so I try to pass on this link to the past and impress my digital sensor as best as I can.


     All my photos are not graphically beautiful, nor even artistic, but I try hard to make some of them as emotionally laden as possible or at least as the place appeared to me. I hope I can arouse the very same feelings in the audience, even for the shortest instant, and make them journey back through time, through the multiple memories of those who lived lives between these crumbled walls, under these collapsed roofs, worked at these mechanical monsters now rusted to the core, or experienced joy and sadness while gently rocking this long forgotten one-legged baby doll.


     I do not encourage anybody to embark on such potentially risky business though. It also goes without saying that I will not give out any addresses, unless they are already widely known and identified on the net. Neither in a private message, nor in public posts on this website. And should some interested reader have a mind to try the adventure anyway, the responsibilities are theirs and theirs only and in no way will I help them take any risks.

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